How and how to treat nail fungus, folk remedies

women see toenail fungus

A large number of patients who suffer from nail damage due to fungus believe that the disease has no side effects on the whole body and is a purely cosmetic problem.

But recent research in this area shows that this is not the case.

What can cause this disease? How to treat toenail fungus? What can be done to prevent pathology?

Read on and find answers to all the questions.

The main cause of the appearance of fungal infections

In a large number of cases, infection occurs when human immunity decreases. That is why folk remedies against nail fungus are far from effective. Moreover, after infection, the problem of immune deficiency only worsens.

Any infection that enters the human body releases toxic substances that are a result of its nutrition and reproduction. For this reason, nail fungus affects the body, weakening the already troubled immune system. Understanding the causes can significantly increase the productivity of home and medical care.

The fight against infection aims to address the following pathological causes:

  • Reduces patient immunity.
  • Susceptibility to infection. Patients who have experienced this pathology should be given special attention in situations where the skin or nails are minimally covered. For example, taking antibiotics for foot fungus may be necessary after visiting a nail salon.
  • Inadequate or excessive foot care.
  • The use of antibacterial drugs aims to fight other types of bacteria and at the same time reduce immunity.
yellow nails with fungal infections

Effective methods of treating nail fungus involve careful attention to personal hygiene. That is why patients who maintain good hygiene and strengthen immunity have the best chance of full recovery.

Fungal treatment at home

Effective folk remedies for nail fungus allow you to achieve a rapid improvement in well-being without the use of medications. Sometimes it is necessary to use such an influential action, because the intake of the drug can be contraindicated due to individual intolerance to the patient.

Since modern methods of treatment include the use of long -term funds in large doses, this method of therapy is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance and those at risk. For example, if pregnancy, nail fungus is diagnosed, treatment can threaten fetal development. In such cases, folk remedies can help.

  1. Use of iodine and salt solutions. Since ancient times, salt has been used as a preservative. He is believed to be able to stop the infection. To date, it has been proven that it localizes the infection and prevents its progression. Effective nail fungus treatment with folk remedies includes the use of bath salts. For this, salt and soda are taken in a ratio of 2 to 1 tablespoon per liter of water. You need to keep your feet in the salt solution for about half an hour. Then, after that, the damaged skin and nails should be removed as much as possible. Now you need to wipe your feet dry. After wearing gloves, you should treat your nails and soles with iodine. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 2-3 times. If foot fungus is observed, treatment with folk remedies requires self-discipline, as it must be used daily for a month.
  2. Wine vinegar. Another effective remedy against nail fungus. The mixture is made from three chicken egg whites, two tablespoons of vodka, and vinegar. All components must be mixed thoroughly, and then stored in the refrigerator. Grape vinegar is effective against nail fungus because the acidic environment is often fatal to fungal spores. The lotion is made from the resulting solution and applied for 15 minutes several times a day. Treatment of nail fungus with grape vinegar implies the creation of a constant acidic environment, therefore, tampons moistened with this composition should be used as often as possible. At night, you can make a lotion and fix it with socks.
  3. Mineral water. Another effective method of treating nail fungus is based on the general strengthening of the structure and tissue of the nail plate. There are several recipes on how to use a mineral bath. The general strengthening effect of the mineral elements in the water helps ensure the normal nutrition of damaged tissues. For example, the following recipe might help. Cabbage juice and brewed tea are added to the water. For the preparation of the mixture, mineral water is taken against nail fungus, liquor about 30 grams. Need to add 100 gr to the resulting composition. cabbage juice and the same amount of mineral water. For the strengthening of the nail plate in general, you need to bathe for 20 minutes.
damage to nails with fungal infections

Using folk remedies can only be beneficial if used regularly. Personal hygiene is very important. During the procedure, you must wear special protective gloves.

Prevention of fungal diseases

Fungal infections necessarily have factors that provoke its development. Of course, in order for it to successfully develop, not only have a source of infection, the patient at the same time must have problems with immunity, and even the natural protections must be disrupted.

Preventing situations where the infection process occurs most frequently is the most effective measure. However, the most effective treatment for nail fungus on the hands or feet still requires a lot of time, money and effort. To prevent infection, the following precautions should be observed:

  • Shoes. It is strictly forbidden to wear other people's shoes. It is especially important to exclude the use of other people’s slippers for bathing and house slippers.
  • Hygiene. Folk methods to combat toenail fungus are ideal for this purpose. You can shower regularly from time to time, as well as keep your feet clean, and change your socks regularly.
  • Preventive medicine. From time to time, everyone at risk should use a strengthening bath. Plants for the treatment of nail fungus that can be used for this: chamomile, oak bark, purple. All of them can have a good and strengthening effect.

Although therapies for fungal infections are usually long-lasting and often vary, patients who follow a doctor’s recommendations and practice personal hygiene have a good chance of a full recovery.