Foot fungus - a remedy for foot fungus, symptoms, treatment

In terms of prevalence, fungal infections are lower than the flu. According to statistics, men suffer from this disease more often than women; older people are more likely than younger people; athletes are more likely than people who don’t care about sports. Diabetes and peripheral circulatory disorders also increase the risk of fungal infections.

What is foot fungus, risk factors

bathroom causes foot fungal infections

The causes of foot fungus, or mycosis, are dermatophytes (filamentous fungi), yeasts and fungi. The best environment for them is warmth and humidity. Remember that swimming pools, gyms, bowling alleys, public showers and hotels are areas at high risk of fungal infections! You can get fungus even in the store, while trying on shoes or clothes.

The fungus is invisible to the naked eye, the feet look normal, and the infection has not been known for a long time. The first sign of the disease is itching between the fingers, usually between the little finger and ring finger. Then redness appears, the skin begins to peel and ache.

Fungal prevention

closed feet - prevention of foot fungus

For successful infection prevention, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules:

  • do not go barefoot in the pool, sauna or hotel;
  • keep feet clean, use individual towels;
  • if you are constantly facing "risk factors", use appropriate daily means to prevent fungus: disinfectant creams, clotrimazole lotions or antibacterial sprays;
  • if it is not possible to avoid contact with unsafe surfaces, for example, you rent sports equipment (skates, ski boots) - treat your feet with antibacterial spray, paying special attention to the distance between the toes.

Remember: take care of your feet carefully and be alert to the signs of foot fungus!


If you are infected with foot fungus, in addition to the main treatment, you need to take care of two more things: never prevent the spread of infection at home, among your loved ones; prevent re -infection.

  • Don’t let people close to you use your shoes! Make sure all family members have individual shoes.
  • Wash laundry at temperatures above 60 degrees.
  • To prevent fungus in your household, regularly treat all shoes in the house with antibacterial spray;
  • Even after you get rid of foot fungus, there is a danger of re -infection through your shoes. To avoid this, carefully spray the inside of each pair with an antibacterial spray.

Remember, it takes 20 to 30 days to cure fungal feet!


The idea of putting your feet in socks or shoes is just tempting at first glance. Fungal infections not only spoil the appearance of the feet, but are accompanied by an unpleasant odor, which can cause serious discomfort.

In addition to preventing fungus, antibacterial sprays have deodorant properties and will help eliminate this subtle problem.

Bad breath is the result of a variety of bacteria and can be annoying even if you don’t have foot fungus. The deodorant properties are the main advantage of antibacterial sprays compared to conventional methods of preventing foot fungus. Antibacterial sprays not only get rid of unpleasant odors on your feet, but will also kill bacteria - the source of the problem.

Remember: your success and quality of life directly depends on your comfort and self -confidence!