Reviews about Myceril

  • Йорданка
    My fungus is chronic. I heard about the Myceril cream six months ago and decided to try it while it worked. After a month of using the cream, which eliminates not only all unpleasant sensations, but also unpleasant odors, I still love the result. I can only recommend this cream to anyone who has this problem.
  • Мария
    I used to have fungus and that bothered me. After that I have been using Myceril cream for a long time. Once this cream strengthens the immune system and helps get rid of fungal infections quickly, without side effects on the body, I use it regularly, but for preventive purposes.
  • Елена
    The mycologist advised me to buy Myceril cream, which I made. I ordered the cream through the official website at a great price. After 2 weeks, she completely got rid of the infection, inflammation and itching, the skin became clean and healthy, and after a month the nail plates acquired a normal color and stopped peeling.
  • Радка
    I have never had a fungus, which I am very happy about, but for some reason I am very scared of it. After going to the gym, I usually wipe my heels with alcohol, but the skin is very dry, so I looked for a replacement. Now I use Myceril cream. The most pleasant sensation and protects against various infections. Recommend to everyone.
  • Виолета
    Mushrooms are not a complicated business, barefoot walking somewhere and that’s it! I had a similar experience. Once I went without slippers to a public shower and mushrooms. I immediately realized that something was wrong, so I did not delay and ordered Myceril, it turned out that the drug was cheap, and helped a lot. If you have symptoms, buy this cream.
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